Born in Naples in 1993, a few years, she began studying piano with her grandmother, Laura Lamagna.
Body instrumentalist singer.
She obtained her bachelor’s degree in the year 2014/2015 with 110 cum laude at the “San Pietro a Majella” Conservatory in Naples.
In 2017 at the same conservatory, she obtained a specialist degree in Jazz with 110 cum laude.
In 2015 she duets with Bobby Mc Ferrin at the Armonie d’Arte festival
In 2016 she ranked first in the “Massimo Urbani International Award”.
After the victory of Massimo Urbani she was invited to prestigious festivals. Here some places where she had performed : “Lucca jazz donna”, Cartoceto Festival, Civitanova Festival, where they received the prestigious “Vita Vita” award, Ionio Jazz Festival, Macerata jazz, Roccella Jazz Festival, etc.
In July 2016, Emilia opened Diana Krall‘s concert at the Flegrea Arena in Naples, enjoying great success with the public and critics.
Also in 2016 she recorded the song “Qui” with the 99 Posse.
In 2017 she won a scholarship (the only Italian artist) to participate in the prestigious “International Congress of voice teachers” in Stockholm.
In 2019 she was selected among the five finalists of the prestigious “Ella Fitzgerald Competition” in Washington (the only Italian artist) and won the second place.
In 2017 she forms the quartet “Convergenze Parallele” and recorded for the record label “Le dodici lune” a disc entitled “Chi tene o mare” with songs by the great Pino Daniele.
In 2018 she took part in a new recording work in duo with bassist Massimo Moriconi (Mina‘s historical double bass player).
She collaborates with various actors as a solo singer. Among the names appear: Mariano Rigillo, Patrizio Rispo and Sebastiano Somma.
She is a teacher of jazz singing at the Gesualdo Da Venosa Conservatory in Potenza and of jazz and pop singing at the “Centro della Voce” in Naples, of Dr. Marina Tripodi her Vocal Trainer, expert in Artistic Vocology